"Brawn and Beauty", these crowns offer unparalleled fit, strength, and esthetic quality. With new developments in high translucency zirconia, possibilities are limitless, including high quality anterior cases.
Lithium Disilicate (E.max)
Lithium Disilicate (E.max) crowns have been the time-tested industry standard for anterior crowns of high esthetic quality.  Even with constantly changing materials, E. max has solidified its place in the industry.
What we do...
Employing cutting-edge technology along-side detail-oriented hand contouring, staining, and glazing, our crown and bridge products have all of the precision advantages of the CAD/CAM trend in Dental Technology while maintaining top-of-the-line esthetics that only a hands-on approach can bring.
Precious Metal Alloy
High quality metal alloy crowns crafted using modern CAD/CAM as well as traditional "lost wax" method are often solutions when other materials fall short.